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123BingoOnline.com - Where Excitement Begins... Login and meet interesting players from around the world for a real time social Experience. Watch out for our special promotions, Huge Jackpots and generous deposit BONUSES. In addition to bingo we also offer exciting casino games like Slots, Pull Tabs and Video Poker.

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As a “former” customer of the site for a few years..I Can honestly give my personal opinion of the site…

Yeah it has nice promotional offers, crazy deposit. bonuses which is awesome, vip incentives for those active depositors etc…BUT AT WHAT COST?

The site has always been known for being CHEAP but to penalize players for claiming that 300% bbs earned from playing cgs along with That bonus u got when u deposited is not good,but this is what they do. They deduct every bonus buc U claimed from ur deposit along with the promotional bbs u may have gotten along with The bbs from cgs from ur actual cashout request. So if u made a 1000$ cashout but u claimed 500bbs they will deduct 500 from The 1000 leaving u 500$ you are allowed. It shouldnt be less then 100%..SMART 123BINGO BUT thats not proper buisness ethics in my personal opinion.
Now beware of claiming any proMotional offer or free chips. Not to mentioN minus The processing fees etc.

Don't trust the TECHNIQUAL ERRORS..when u have to refresh The page to finish That game..I think its Them manipulating the outcome of The game. Happens to me when i play slot game l.l. or blackjack all The time. or IF u purchase bingo cards mins Before The game starts then freezes..U wait a min or two but still no change…So you refresh The page but look The game started already but ur not in The game cause they didnt want u in The game….lmao….Watch out for little things Like this its not a tech glitch IF its been happening for years and hasnt been fixed 123bingo

A lot startyed complaing in The rooms etc so The gave them a vip rep to cater to their needs and gave Them special treatment but it doesnt help IF The rep døesnt DO their Job and assist you when needed Etc…they created this to show their appreciation… YAY RIGHT..MORE LIKE Keep u quiet.

Player Rating
Ease of Use(0/5)
Overall Score (3/20)

good fun

good fun

Player Rating
Ease of Use(5/5)
Overall Score (20/20)

My 123 BINGO Opinion!!

I love playing at 123 BINGO, the games are cool, and the staff is even cooler. Cant say anything about cash outs, cause i have never cashed out before!!

Player Rating
Ease of Use(4/5)
Overall Score (15/20)

123 bingo


Player Rating
Ease of Use(5/5)
Overall Score (18/20)

123BINGO doubts

123bingo is actually not a bad site.... its actually a good site to play if u want to waste your money on a site that I think manipulates its games.
Let me tell you why i come to this conclusion. I’ve been playin on the site for a number of years and like many players notice things. I find it funny that the site offers a $2000jp in its green room but it has never been won. Wat is the point of offering a jp if nobody will or can win it
Next, its jp coveral game - do you all not find it odd that since that game has been added on the site all of a sudden the number of players has increased by 4x more. Of course the prize amount is high and we all want to win it, but ive noticed majority of those who win it are non-regulars.
123bingo is known to be a cheap site, they dont want to pay out more then they have to, so they give out all these nice incentive bonuses to catch your attention which is nice cause u get extra bonuses on ur deposit, but they all with a 100$max cashout limit!! or 1x cashout or so.. and all those awesome deposit codes you use when u deposit comes with terms and conditions that restricts which games you can play and not play.
It doesnt matter how much money u donate to the site, how much time u spend on the site etc.. if they want u to win, they will. Watch how many games freeze on u and doesnt play. Notice how often its games on the site says invalid transaction.. how much it lags.
Watch out for chs cheating u on bbs. Some dont credit the correct amount u earn from cg play. Yeah i do like to play on the site cause it fits to my liking, but its disgusting how they promote honest fair play when in fact they manipulate its games and cheat its loyal customers.

Player Rating
Ease of Use(3/5)
Overall Score (11/20)

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