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User Reviews

False Advertising for Deposit Bonuses

I deposited $30 and then tried to redeem the deposit bonus of 300%. No rules for bingo,slots and keno only. When the bonus would not redeem, I went to chat and asked for help. I was specifically instructed that I had to click on the casino button for the bonus to go through. They have the site split into two sides, the casino and the bingo. Well, when I tired of playing slots, I tried to transfer my remaining balance to the bingo side and it would not work. So, I went to chat and asked why? I was told that since I chose to deposit my bonus in the casino, that I would have to request my funds to be transferred to the bingo side, and that it would be 4 or 5 days before it would take effect. Well, why would they advertise a bonus exclusively for bingo, slots and keno, if you are not allowed to switch from one to the other? The bonus did not say bingo OR slots OR keno. I usually deposit and play the balance out the same day. Why would anyone knowingly deposit and wait 4 or 5 days to finish playing. It is false advertisment to offer a bonus for all 3 if you are not allowed to play all 3 at the same time? So, I have a balance of $50 and I am so pissed right now, and do not ever wish to return.. The last time I played there, I had a balance of $60, went to play poker and they set the default bet at $5. Needless to say, my money was gone in 60 seconds. I just think they get off on cheating people.

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Ease of Use(0/5)
Overall Score  (0/20)

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I had built up my balance to 350$ and right before my eyes while plying they instantly deducted 250$. The 24/7 chat never works. I sent an email, was given a ticket number and never heard from them again. I resent the mail was given another ticket number and again no response..

Player Rating
Ease of Use(3/5)
Overall Score (11/20)

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last year i won $1500.00 with bingo-knights, after hundreds of live chat and 7 months of waiting for my check, i contacted gaming commission and got my check within 1 week, but it did take 7 months anyhow!
Also i am kinda sure they have computer generated players cause same winners day in and out even after years of playing there, same winners anyhow, that cannot be ligit, once u see a site with always same winners, leave right away, its a cheat site..Anyhow this site reaks of cheating and super unprofessional and rude site! site address Miami, but yet, the check is from Nicaragua! LOL

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Ease of Use(1/5)
Overall Score (2/20)

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They Don't Pay!

Legitimately won $1006 US dollars in Feb 2015, but have had 28 live chat contacts including 5 with Gabriel, a supervisor, to try to get my winnings. They mishandle your information to stall you when you seek a payout, and when they run out of excuses, they just don't pay anyway. I've been waiting over 3 months. Please don't waste your money here, you might win, but you'll never get your winnings paid.

Player Rating
Ease of Use(2/5)
Overall Score (8/20)

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A big joke!

I am a Canadian, I was told about this website, by another Canadian. I went to register with Bingo Knights and an error came up about my user name so I contacted live support. I was then told they were not allowing "people from Canada" to join their website. I then said, "even though my mother-in-law is from Canada and SHE is a member on this site?" 'Denny' then told me they are not accepting 'new members at this time'. When asked when Canadians would be allowed on Bingo Knights, 'Denny' simply said, I don't know. It's a joke. No where on the site does it say "no one from outside the US is allowed to play". If all these countries aren't allowed to register, why put them in the drop down menu upon registry? Never recommending this site to anyone.

Player Rating
Ease of Use(1/5)
Overall Score (6/20)

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