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User Reviews

What a rip-off

This site owes me $155.00. Kept saying "we are trying to catch up" I think waiting 2 years to get the Gift Certificates owed is way to long to "catch up". I had been with BINGONET over 13 years, it use to be a great place to play, then it seemed to become a scam. Charges almost $35.00 a month for "points" that accumulate that cannot be used for anything. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE. I will report BINGONET to the BBB and anywhere else to try to get paid the $155.00 they owe me. I have all the emails from BINGONET showing the wins and total they owe. BINGONET did not respond to any of my emails.

Player Rating
Ease of Use(0/5)
Overall Score  (0/20)

Don't ever go join bingonet they do not pay!!

This place will not pay what they owe you on time..they are 2 years behind on paying what they owe. I had to get the BBB involved to get anything out of them and still they owe me for all of last year.I'm not the only person there are bunches of people owed. They keep saying hang in there we are working on it for 2 years now.Yet they keep taking $34.95 a month and nothing in return.It's crazy and a form of internet fraud.This is I repeat not a 1 person problem it is site wide.I have been or was a member of that site for 13+ years and will never return.And will follow thru with what ever it takes to get my money the owe me.Which is $401.67

Player Rating
Ease of Use(5/5)
Overall Score (16/20)

Site does not pay winners

I won several prizes in Jan 2012 plus a 25.00 tourney and to date the site has not only not paid, but does not answer any emails regarding the money owed. I have the emails that verify my wins and at this point am on the verge of taking legal action. My advice to new players do not give them your money as they do not pay winners.

Player Rating
Ease of Use(3/5)
Overall Score (8/20)

Marilyn, Washington, Mo. April 12, 2012

I have played this site for over 10 years and is the best site by far. Always a good time and the tournaments and events are the best. Everyone should try BingoNet site - will be glad they did.

Player Rating
Ease of Use(5/5)
Overall Score (19/20)

A very caring site.

Bingonet is a excellent site to play and make friends

Player Rating
Ease of Use(5/5)
Overall Score (20/20)

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