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Fairness my butt

I'm making this review in reference to and all of it's sister sites as a whole. I have an account at 6 of the 7. I realize that this is my experience and may differ if I was someone else. Here's what I see daily.

It's true what they say. There is a large question of fairness. I understand that it's gambling, and I don't even care if I get a payout. Just to win enough to stay and play and chat is fine by me. It's not called one away, it's called bingo. And I would like to see one once in a very dark blue moon just as I would like everyone to see them more often as well. It's just not possible that I can play for 16-20 hours a day (including prepurchased cards that play in your absence), across 6 of their sister sites at the same time in the same rooms for 4 weeks plus... and not win one bingo. No joke. Yet see the same people repeatedly win. There are tons of names that win over and over and over again. And I can't catch one. Logically, it makes no sense at all. If it was a bit more fair, these sites would be the frontrunner for me.

The sites are up to date and it's easy navigation on the surface, but once you start getting into prebuys and selecting chat numbers, it's extremely tedious. Especially if you have a slow or lagging connection. They seem to favour the drop down selection method where everything is sectioned per hour and it's a pain. Also their transaction history set up needs a major adjustment.

As well constant site issues can cost you money, and it will not be returned to you regardless of the situation.

In my experience, Live Help really isn't very helpful and they can be quite rude and condescending.

There are some bonuses to this site. I wouldn't come back every day and try again if there wasn't.

They have a nice deposit bonus, but only if you deposit $100 or more, and a great Bingo Buck system, although it would be nice to see it change from a 7 day deposit basis to at least a 14, if not once a month. especially based on the unfair bad cards that everyone seems to get if you aren't one of the 10 elite names who win all day every day.

You can only prebuy a game within an hour if you did not purchase the current game. Not having an option to prebuy the next games within any given hour is a huge thumbs down though. Even just an auto purchase same cards option would be awesome.

The fact that you can not use your BBs to purchase prebuys is another downside. It makes sense for slots and other such play, but if they're only valid for bingo cards, then they should be available for purchasing your prebuys.

Regardless, I still go back every day hoping that today is the day I will finally have a little bit of fun with my cards there.

There's my 2 cents and that's all I have. this group of sites has taken all of my cash and hasn't given many returns.

Player Rating
Ease of Use (3/5)
Playability (4/5)
Graphics (4/5)
Support (1/5)
Overall Score (12/20)
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