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First day worst bingo site ever

I just deposited over $100!! I cannot play any games but bingo and it's my money!? I am soooo mad.I won one bingo game like the 4th time in? And thought hey hey I'll deposit! Seeing these reviews? omg...

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Ease of Use(0/5)
Overall Score (5/20)

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takes forever to get my withdrawal

it's been one month since i asked for my withdrawal. It don't take long for them to take our money, but to give us ours it's ridiculous. My other site pays me within the week. i think they just drag their feet. awful

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Overall Score (7/20)

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site always has tech problems and is always down

The site has been down for 3 days in a row...its always like getting tired of going to Live help and they say its just going to be a few more hours...we will let you know on facebook when we will b bk up.....I have money in my account to play,so every hour i catch myself checking in to see if its open just gets annoying...its been 3 days strait and still its not open..

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Ease of Use(2/5)
Overall Score (8/20)

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never works, always down

site is always down, lousy servers apparently or they just being too cheap to pay for their service. Great hosts that try to keep you hooked, lousy payouts for number of people playing. HUGE deposit bonuses with 3.5 wagering and min 130 cashout means a lot of players who hammer on max and will never cash out (AKA house player equivalent). Don't waste your money here anymore. OH...if you do win you will pay $30 to gat a cheque out of your 130 cashout...LOTS MORE SITES to pick from to cashout, not get so badly nailed, nicer pots, and no wagering requirements.
This site used to be good and now really SUCKS, but I date you to try it yourself if you need to be reminded of what it feels like to be ripped off by a bingo site!

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Ease of Use(1/5)
Overall Score (7/20)

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Have only been on this site a few months...every time i goes down and cannot play in special rooms and you can only access these special rooms on the day you you have to depo everyday.
Am in the middle of trying to make a withdrawal. I won a jp and was told jp cheques were expedited..hahahh. Got note sent to me saying i needed to spend 240 more to w/d...a little less than half of what i won.
I have done that and now after spending the money they saying they will review my request for w/d next Friday - today is Sunday. They just want you to spend it all back - not a chance.
Have asked for full withdrawal of all funds and i can guarantee you they gonna come up with something else to say to me about that w/d, prob to effect of you need to have depo'd in last 7 days. This site is a money grabbing machine and the manager is rude when you try to talk to her...or she just down right ignores you. She had the nerve to praise herself to me and said had player back up. Yeah the ones who are sites favs and continuous winners. I urge you not to deposit on this site

Player Rating
Ease of Use(2/5)
Overall Score (6/20)

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